Monday, 28 May 2007

Film event of the year

Two more days of sales, and I'm almost sold out! Thanks for the phenominal support guys. We went from wondering if we could fill one cinema to booking and almost filling two (120 seats total). The ticket sales will cover all the competition expenses (transfers, accomodation, hostel food, entry fees), which is so much more than I hoped for. Thanks. I have to warn you that I'm also going to try to sell you raffle tickets on the night. We've got yummy nibbles to make up for it though!

week ending 28 May

It's been a tiring week. Life feels like it has now been put on hold. I'm just sleeping, training, working, training, and repeating it all over and over again... Not much longer now though.

  • Tuesday: Altitude training: 13% O2, min SPO2 88% (I think), 7/3mins, 5 break outs (I'm still getting my head around this so you'll have to bear with me). Dynamics max attempt night: 110m DNF, clean and easy-ish :)
  • Wednesday: Altitude training: 12% O2, min SPO2 85%, 7/3mins, 2 break outs. Lunch time swim: 5 x 100m free on 1:45s then 5 x 50m breast on 1 min. Poor attempt at dry statics (might have been a bit much doing 3 sessions in one day): 3 min long CO2 tables, only did 5, but skipped down to 30s breathe up before last one - probably shouldn't have bothered.
  • Thursday: Altitude training: 11% O2, min SPO2 82%, 7/3mins, 2 break outs. Dynamics: was a bit shattered so did a few 66m swims and then worked on technique.
  • Friday: Altitude training: 10% O2, min SPO2 79%, 7/3mins, 2 break outs.
  • Saturday: Altitude training: 9% O2, min SPO2 76%, 7/3mins, 3 break outs. This was finally a bit of a push - got a blood shift (tingly fingers and toes) and emptied the bag a few times. Also had a few head rushes when I went back to normal air.
  • Sunday: Dynamics: 6 x 80m DNF with 3 min recovery. Tried out Porirua pool (25m, decent depth, good temperature) - would highly recommend, felt good.
  • Monday: Altitude training: 8% O2, min SPO2 73%, 7/3mins, no break outs (conquered it!). It was much easier than Saturday, despite dropping the O2 level. I suppose I was more mentally prepared and had had a rest day from it. I had a very minor blood shift at about 16mins to go, but no tingly extremities. Bikram Yoga: always good - still improving every week - I can bend to places I never thought possible... Still plenty of room for improvment in my balance though.

It was a pretty good week. I need to accept that I need rest days though... I figure I'll sleep on the plane. :)

Monday, 21 May 2007

week ending 21 May

What a great week - I've had a number of break throughs in all areas of my training over the past 10 days! Long dynamics and statics, extreme yoga poses, comfort in swimming... Here's how it went:

  • Tuesday, dynamics - 93m DNF, few 66m, bit of coaching
  • Wednesday, swim - mixing it up a bit: did 1 length fly sprint on 30s, 2 x back on 1 min, 3 x breast on 1:30s, 4x free on 2 mins then in reverse. Then a bit of easy backstroke to try to fix the knot in my shoulder.
  • Wednesday, dry statics - long CO2, stepped it up to 3:20s - was a challenge (I did take the dog for a walk first)
  • Thursday, statics - short CO2, 1:30 x 9 and got 1 min into 10th.
  • Friday, rest day - yay
  • Saturday, awesome dry statics - long CO2, 3:20s, felt good after so tried a long one and got to 5:30s! That's my best dry static ever by 1 min!!! :)
  • Sunday, dynamics - 6 x 75m DNF with 3 mins break between. One was longer to practice coming up on the lane ropes. Felt good. Need to reduce breaks or turn...
  • Monday, first altitude training session (at the bottom of the Ngauranga gorge - it's simulated) with Gemini Power Training. Was starting to figure it out by the end... Have to sort it out in my head a bit more before I start posting my results... Was breathing 13%, 7 mins on and 3 mins off.
  • Monday, yoga - had break throughs in 3 poses tonight: toe stand (I held it for about 3s before falling over), standing bow pulling pose (I got heaps deeper and held right through), I can't remember the name of the one at the end where you touch your toes, but I got pretty deep.

Resting pulse is back up around 60s.

Starting Simulated Altitude Training intensively for the next three weeks. Have to get up early in the mornings, but it'll be interesting to see the results.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

week end 14 May

Whoops, forgot to do this so might be struggling to remember...

  • Tuesday: statics, short CO2 8 x 1:30s, one breath between.
  • Wednesday: swimming, 5 x 100 free on 1:45s, 5 x 50 breast on 1:00s
  • Thursday: dynamics, not my greatest session
  • Friday: REST DAY!
  • Saturday: 108m DNF, then some long slow ones.
  • Sunday: statics - was going to do a long one but got cold in the warm up. :(
  • Monday: yoga - was a bit chilly by the door, but good as always.

Pleased with long dynamic - felt pretty good - probably worth having the rest day beforehand.

Monday, 7 May 2007


  • I have been very lucky this year to gain the support of sponsors to assist with getting to and having me well kitted out at the world champs:

  • Orca has provided me with a flash new wetsuit (Apex 2) - it's pretty fast and flexible, and looks and fits great, and is nice and warm so I won't have to take multiple suits away with me. They also gave me some flash swim gear and helped fill up my virtually non existant sports wardrobe. It's great to be promoting a NZ company overseas - hopefully they'll make a few sales when people see how much further I go with a wetsuit and weight on...

  • Splash Gordon (local dive shop in Island Bay, Wellington) have been involved all the way through my dive training in scuba and freediving and are supporting me by providing merchandise to help out. They are great supporters of the Lazy Seal Freediving Club too - it's origins are from when Splash used to book training lanes for us.

  • Gemini Power Training - (simulated) altitude training at the bottom of the Ngauranga Gorge. Thanks Martin for giving me the opportunity to try this out. Check out the website link below for more info on this training technique. You'll have to check out my training log to see how it's making a difference...

  • Foster Architects Limited (the company I work for) have also helped out in getting me over there, giving me lots of time off, and being very understanding when I come to work fatigued and leave early to hold my breath! Thanks Ang!

  • The Southern Cross garden bar and restaurant has donated a voucher for me to raffle off at my film fundraiser. Much appreciated. Hope lots of people buy lots of tickets!

week ending 7 May

  • Tuesday - dynamics session: warm up then 102m followed by 4 x 70m + with about 4 mins in between. Need to practise coming up on the lane ropes - would have been disqualified when I grabbed them prior to coming up and my head went back under on the 102m - felt good though. Kerian got some film so I'll try to put that up on here somehow...
  • Wednesday - lunchtime swim: 5 x 100m freestyle leaving on 1:45s, 5 x 50 breaststroke leaving on 1:00 for the first three then 1:05. Did dry statics in the evening after walking Minnow: long CO2, 3:05s - it's pretty hard, but I think I should be alright to step up to 3:15 next week.
  • Thursday - dynamics session: 8 x 66m relay with Chris - got about 2:30 break between each while he swam and came up safely - felt nice, perhaps I should have pushed it more...
  • Friday - lunchtime swim: 5 x 100m freestyle leaving on 1:45s, 5 x 50 breaststroke leaving on 1:00. Had extra time so did a couple of 200m medleys at an easy pace and a bit of backstroke in an attempt to iron out the knots in my shoulder.
  • Saturday & Sunday - didn't train and ate too much decadent food. Had a bit of red wine over the weekend, but have been fairly well behaved for a long time now - it's still proving challenging, but not much longer now - looking forward to the party after the WCs! I did help out on the beginner's freediving course, though it's hardly challenging - worst thing was wearing fins again after so long going without.
  • Monday - good yoga session. Forgot my stopwatch so didn't get to train at lunchtime. Was good to have a bit of a break from it all though.
  • resting pulse has been about 53 beats/min - might be due to the wine...