Wednesday, 10 September 2008


It's been a while since I've posted and since then I've been through some rather large lifestyle changes to say the least.

My new goal is to do a good static and stretch out my static record from two years ago. I haven't done a static in competition this year, but have done a few dives now past the 7 min mark. All my dives are done without warm ups now. I'm currently working on two areas: the first is pushing out the time until the first contraction and the second is dealing with contractions.

My best time to first contraction is 3:55 and it's often above 3:40 these days. I'd like to get it regularly past 4 mins as I know this will reduce a little in competition.

I used to be really strong and push through really tough contractions but I don't seem to have the staying power any more - perhaps because my times are so much bigger, but I'd to get that staying power back - might do some brutal CO2 sessions, eg 10x passive breath holds (only exhale & inhale in between). I was doing these on full inhales but the CO2 head ache came before the contractions and they're much easier now than I remember.

Generally when I do statics I try to completely clear my head of all thoughts pre-contractions, which I find easier if there's music in the background. Last night I was a bit distracted and decided to try my really old system of a song. My statics song is the rainbow connection. It makes me feel calm and seems related somehow, but not too much. I do slow it down a bit from Kermit's version.

My first contraction was 3:55. I pulled out fairly early as it wasn't a great dive once the contractions started - I discovered that the blue cheese I ate a couple of hours before didn't taste too great second time around. I've also reduced my packing, so I pack about 60% in statics. This allows me more control with contraction blocking and really doesn't reduce the overall times (did my PB like this).