Monday, 25 February 2008


So I made up this logo, which you should have all seen by now (it's above). I must admit that I'm a bit disappointed by everyone not picking up on the imagery within it. Can you see me swimming along in the pool (without fins of course)? The line of text is like the line on the bottom of the pool. You can also turn it 90 degrees and I'll do depth! I also go up or down or left or right. If you still don't see it the spirals are bum & head. The koru design (spiral) in Maori (native New Zealanders') mythology represents new life and new beginnings: my freediving life. The motif also provokes images of water like small pools of disturbance in a quite pool. I was hoping it would be clearer and you wouldn't need the explanation!!!

Sunday, 24 February 2008


I'm going to the Bahamas! Freediving is a fabulous excuse to travel to wonderful places.

We'll be diving in Dean's Blue Hole, which has pretty perfect conditions for freediving. I worked out that I've only trained for depth events over about a dozen weeekends and I've only ever done three deep dives in competition, so it'll be a good opportunity to try to bring my depth results up to a level similar to my pool results. I wish I had more time there, but will have to make do with the three weeks I do have. Some very big names in freediving are are going to be over there so I should learn a lot! I can't wait to dive in warm, clear water! What a novelty!

Links about Dean's blue hole:

Link about competition:

First up though we have a depth competition in Lake Taupo, where I will double the number of depths events I have partaken in by doing three more! Should be fun, and great preparation for the Bahamas.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

: )

I did 7 minutes!!! :)

Saturday, 16 February 2008

big DNF

I put the video of my 138m DNF swim (6th Feb 2008) on youtube today:

Wasn't feeling the greatest for this swim - my muscles were feeling a bit stiff and I was quite light-headed: I almost had a packing blackout after about 8 packs, but got it under control and took in a bit more air before departing the wall as you can see. You can also see that there are still a few bits and pieces left for me to work on like keeping feet together and straightening arms better. I get a bit sloppy with technique when the muscles start hurting which normally isn't right through the swim like this one. I need to work on my swim past 100m, where I start losing strokes: 3 became 4 in the 5th length, and then I'd done two by half way in the 6th - probably why the foot came down as I expected the pool to be shallower by that point. I'm also seeing if Orca who sponsored my wetsuit will provide me with a better fitting suit (my body shape has changed a little over the past few months). The streamlined weights are new too. On Tuesday I felt really buoyant and had to increase from 3.5kg on the waist to 4.5, so I think the lungs are still growing. I also wear 4kg around my neck. The bicycle tube is doubled over and then taped together to ensure that it sits in nice and close and is pretty streamlined. Normally I also have a thick rubber band holding the strap of my weight belt is streamlined, however it perished just before this video was taken, so I'll have to replace it. I had a tiny samba at the end of this dive but it disappeared straight away on the first inhale. Any other thoughts on how I can get to the end of the pool people?