Monday, 10 October 2011

Journey to the World Champs 2011

I definitely appreciate the destination over the journey. The travel to Italy was gruelling despite no real delays or problems.  My mum was travelling with me and we had a great and exhausting stop over in New York. The first leg was about 27 hours door to door. We stopped in LA for a couple of hours from around 2am NZ time. It doesn’t make for great sleeping. New York was fantastic. We saw all the main sights, but three days was pretty light. We stayed in a cheap hotel just steps away from Times Square and went to a couple of Broadway shows, saw the Statue of Liberty, the new World Trade Centre, the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton at the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim, the Met, Madame Tossaud’s, etc, etc.

From New York mum and I travelled to London where we took separate connection flights. Mum went to Rome to join an organised tour of Italy for 10 days. I went to Toulon to do a little training and recover from the jet lag with my training buddy from Fielding who has recently returned home to France. Two flights, two buses, two trains, and about 24 hours later I arrived at my destination. It was another tiresome journey with the stop over in the middle of the night, rendering me practically unable to sleep. I was staying with Olivier, a member of the local freediving club who has a home in Le Pin de Galle, perched on the edge of a hill just a few steps from the beach. It was lovely and really tested my memory of French. Romain and I managed a few training sessions, although some were aborted due to my general state of well-being (or lack of). I spent five days in Toulon and managed to catch up on a bit of rest and was starting to feel a little more normal by the time we departed. I suffered quite a lot in the heat, expecting it to be cooler at this time of year and coming from a country where it’s the end of winter. I had to purchase a skirt and some shoes to avoid perishing in the sun.

 Another 12 hours of travelling involving a car, two flights and two buses and we arrived at our final destination of Lignano Sabbiadoro in the North of Italy near Venice. This is the location for the AIDA Indoor Freediving World Championships 2011.

I don’t cope well with lost sleep but was lucky to feel pretty normal again after spending a couple of days in Lignano. It’s a shame to lose 2 weeks of training prior to such a big event, but I’m sure my body will remember just fine.

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